Classic City Classic Pool Play Predictions

If Southern Miss was at Classic City Classic (CCC) this weekend, I would have let Francis write this post. Because we all know he would have picked them to finish dead last. And then I’d get to watch the Southern guys destroy Francis on Twitter if they broke seed, even if they finished second-to-last.

That would have been funny.

Alas, Southern Miss is not in that number this weekend, but the CCC field is graced with four Bama Secs teams: LSU, Alabama, Auburn and Tulane. Four pretty damn strong Bama Secs teams.

So how will these four fare at this all-important Fall tournament? My predictions!


Will break seed … Or have it broken, I should say. No Yeti this weekend is a big, big loss at a tournament of this quality. You cannot replace a player of his caliber on the field nor can you hide his absence with schemes and game plans. Not against these kind of teams. LSU’s youth will be exposed to the elements, and they will be harsh.

All of that being said, there is a considerable amount of young talent on this team. Sectionals and Regionals games are not won or lost in the Fall, but the experience these guys get this weekend without Yeti should help this team win more games than not come Spring.

Prediction: 2-3 in Pool A


Will hold seed. Auburn-Y lost to Emory at Hootenanny a few weeks back, but only by two points. If Auburn is taking a full squad to CCC, they should be able to hold off Emory this weekend.

Usually not a fan of Sectional match-ups in big tournaments like this. But … Looking forward to the Auburn-LSU matchup. If Auburn cannot beat LSU without Yeti, how will they be able to beat LSU this Spring?

Prediction: 1-4 in Pool A


I want to say that Tulane is going to break seed, because they are under-seeded to be honest. But hot damn, Pool B is a B.I.T.C.H.

North Carolina, Florida and Georgia Tech at the top. Upstart Cincinnati, a team with a really, really good Fall resume so far this season, as the 4th seed in the pool. And then Tulane.

I think they’ll hold seed. I think they’ll challenge one or more of those top four teams — probably Cincinnati — but I don’t know if they’re ready to get over that hump yet.

Prediction: 1-4 in Pool B


This will be our first real look at Alabama this Fall, because I’m not really reading into their results at Hootenanny (They sent only a “X” squad and made it to the Quarters).

We all know what this team can do, and that’s win games. You can’t explain why they win, THEY JUST WIN. They are the Tim Tebows of the Section.

So let’s kickstart the 2014 Alabama ROLL TIDE PAWWWWWL hype machine by predicting that the Bammers will be the only team of the four Bama Secs teams this weekend to BREAK SEED.

Prediction: 3-2 in Pool D

CCC Pools are Posted

The annual Classic City Classic (CCC) is next weekend in Athens, Georgia, and it’s always been one of the premiere fall college tournaments. Pools have been posted already.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for Itchfest results

We will have a proper preview of CCC next week, after the pools settle. They’re likely to change, just like every other ultimate frisbee tournament format in history.

Initial thoughts?

  • Tulane is especially under-seeded and primed to break seed if they are taking a full squad.
  • Francis thinks more highly of Auburn than I do, but clearly they are in a good position to break seed as well.
  • Also, actually looking forward to that in-conference matchup between Auburn and LSU. Both teams should have solid squads at CCC and this will be a nice little preview for the spring.

Golden Beagle Classic Preview

The ultimate team at Tennessee Tech is hosting the Golden Beagle Classic this weekend in Cookeville, Tennessee, and six Bama Secs teams are scheduled to be in attendance.

If you are anything like me, the first thing you’ll do is look for Cookeville on Google maps to see if Tennessee Tech falls within our section. I’ll save you some time: THEY DON’T. Also, I keep misspelling Cookeville as Cookieville, which sounds a lot more delicious. White chocolate macadamia nut is the best cookie ever, by the way.

Four Bama Secs teams are making their Fall debuts: Union, UAB, Memphis and Samford. Interestingly enough, Samford is the overall No. 2 seed heading into this event. Hopefully that holds up over the course of the weekend. The rest of the contingent are lumped together at the bottom of the seeding, meaning there is ample opportunity for seed breakage this weekend.

For two Bama Secs teams, this will be their second event this Fall.


Went 3-2 in pool play at Itchfest before the Sunday rainout. Even though Vanderbilt hosted the tournament, Itchfest was essentially a home tourney for these guys too. Will be nice to see how they fare on the road this weekend.


Went 0-2 at Itchfest and that is all we know because the Score Reporter for that tournament still is not fully updated. It was only one day, how hard …  AHH FUCK IT, I GIVE UP.

Winter Is Coming

The first blast of Canadian air (finally) reached the Gulf Coast this week. Like all your favorite characters in Game of Thrones, summer is dead.

And winter is coming.

So, let’s say one final farewell to summer 2013. We’ll miss you and all the fun times you gave us. To wit:

Is it weird that I just want to Photoshop Rhodie’s head onto that wake-boarder?

Top-10 Summer 2013 Bama Secs Moments

1. SOHO’s undefeated regular season.

2. … and their disappointing showing at Southeast Regionals. The Bama Secs trolls had a field day with that one.

3. The birth of Jockamo. Jorts, beer and heckling. Is there anything more AMERICAN than these guys?

4. The birth of Caleb Ray Clancy, ushering in the next generation of Bama Secs trolls ultimate frisbee players.

5. The birth of Gary Lee’s Player of the Year campaign. There isn’t a better looking guy in Bama Secs, I can tell you that right now.

6. Out with the old Bama Secs villain (Zeke), in with the new (Amit). Fresh blood for the comment section.

7. Site redesign. Thanks for the inspiration, Dick!

8. Coming up with 10 things is hard. Just ask Francis.

9. Almost live-streaming games from Southeast Regionals. Because coming close to accomplishing something is good enough around here.

10. Trolls on the blog, presence in the Twitter-verse, tournaments galore in the conference, new and old teams on the map. The future of Bama Secs is bright.

Anticlimatic Itchfest is Anticlimatic

According to Tulane’s Twitter account, those in charge at Itchfest this weekend did not provide enough water on the sidelines on Saturday for pool play.

So on Sunday, Mother Nature provided the water.

We only got one day of ultimate in the books from the tournament in Nashville this weekend because of a rain-out on Sunday. And almost no results on Score Reporter to show for it. Hopefully those start trickling in today.

The little bit of information I can glean from the SR though: It looks like Vandy broke seed in pool play, taking full advantage of having the home tournament. Other than that, we know Rhodes lost to Vandy. And that’s it.

I’ll just keep hitting F5. It’s only Monday morning.

Itchfest Preview (Yes, There is Real College Ultimate THIS WEEKEND)

And. Here. We. Go.

Club season is in the books for those of us not on Elite teams (most of us), so it’s college (pre)season ultimate time. Starts this weekend with Itchfest 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Bama Secs teams in the field:


We know about mainstays Tulane and Vanderbilt, but fresh off this piece about the current state of the Bama Section and its future I am most excited to see how Belmont, Lipscomb and Rhodes fare this weekend. Good to see these teams participating so early in the fall. Hoping it bodes well for them in the spring, when the ultimate really counts.

It’ll also be interesting to see how Vandy performs in the home tournament. Most pundits are down on Vanderbilt always this year, but a good showing here with a full roster could build some momentum. Who knows, maybe they’ll be able to surprise some people down the line if they can build something this fall.

Not sure who Tulane is bringing to Itchfest, but if a full roster they should play deep into the Sunday bracket. That is, if they are as good as they think they are.

Lost in All the Regionals Coverage, A Bama Secs Women’s Tournament!

Editor’s Note: John “Pingy” Nguyen is the coach of the LSU women’s ultimate frisbee team and contributed the following report from Hotty Toddy 2013, a fall women’s tournament that was held in Oxford this past weekend.

Harding 1
Harding 2
Mississippi St. / Rhodes
Ole Miss


Harding looks to be solid this year as evident with their numbers. Bringing two teams with a plethora of subs for both can only be a benefit to their club. They have strong handlers and quick cutters that aren’t afraid to go deep. The only thing holding them back would be their lack of experience on the sidelines and on the field. They’re a cheerful bunch, definitely intent on having fun, but watch your backs because they could be a legitimate threat to pull off some serious upsets.

Mississippi St. / Rhodes

Mississippi St. and Rhodes combined teams and still only managed less than 10 players. That doesn’t seem promising for both their teams this year. They DO have a few solid players, but not enough to carry themselves respectively. If they can’t get more numbers out there, it’s hard to imagine them going far in tournaments.


Tulane seems to be the team to beat this year. I don’t think very many teams got close to Tulane at this warm-up tournament. I didn’t see the offensive power they possessed last year, but they made up for it with some impressive defense. Defense wins championships, and I’m willing to bet that Tulane will take the conference championship back from Vanderbilt this year.


LSU usually has some of the better players in the conference and they seem to play some tight ones with the best of them, but their lack of numbers and depth beyond their top five players has always been their Achilles heel. This year they’re looking to change that with a substantially larger rookie class, almost rivaling Harding’s numbers out there. Look for LSU to make a name for themselves in the conference this year.

Ole Miss

Ole Miss came out with relatively low numbers for a home tournament. They still had a good amount of subs and they definitely improved over last year. They were competitive in just about every game and might be a sleeper pick for some upsets against mid-tier teams like LSU and Alabama, but ultimately their lack of experience and depth will keep them from playing midday Sundays.

On a positive note for Ole Miss though, they hosted a great tournament and this can probably be a mainstay fall tournament for the conference if they keep it going.

Clearly as a fall rookie tournament, there’s a lot of ultimate still to be played and I could be completely wrong, but we’re looking at a huge growth in the women’s scene this year. Maybe not in the number of teams, but in the sheer number of players. The majority of the readers on this blog come from the men’s side and you guys need to help your women’s programs as much as possible. You can’t say no to more chicks.

LSU’s Five Ultimate Video:

Tulane Tube: