2010 Fall Tournaments

Looking through score reporter and through RSD, I can’t help but notice that there aren’t many tournaments happening in the south. In the comments for this post, let us know if you are hosting a tournament or if any tournaments are going on down where some bama.secs teams can go.

Upcoming Action 3/20-3/21

Big tournaments throughout the country this weekend with the elite world focused on Centex, but notable action happening at Southerns, Terminus, and Chicago Invite also.  Many of you are coming up on Spring Break season so look forward to having fun.  Only one team as far as I can see in action this week and that is LSU at College Southerns in Statesboro, GA.

LSU has been placed in Pool G of a tournament that looks like it was completely snake seeded with no power pools.  That puts them at an overall 6 or 7 seed in the tournament.  They should have no problems with Savannah Art and Design or Rutgers-B (who coincidentally I have been playing with, along with their A team).  Carleton-GOP is a traditionally strong team though even as the 2nd team out of Carleton.  They aren’t a B-team by any stretch and could put up a significant challenge to LSU’s goal of winning the pool.  Should they get past Carleton-GOP though, LSU can look forward to playing in the Saturday showcase game against most likely Georgia Southern.  That should be a good matchup as Ga Southern has some experience against other bama secs teams this season including Vandy and Miss St.

In other news, I’m on vacation all of next week in New Orleans and Boston.  Potentially no word from my end for awhile then until the week after.  We’ll see how it works out.

Weekend Roundup 3/10/10

Five bama secs teams in action this past weekend over two tournaments.  Samford rejoins the ultimate scene with a bang, a shorthanded Auburn team just tries to survive,  Alabama starts strong and fades, LSU tries to create the same magic it did last year, and Tulane has a rough weekend.  With all teams on a break the next weekend, on the to roundup!

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Upcoming Action 3/6-3/7

Much of the bama section gets some rest this week, but we will still have teams going to two tournaments this weekend.

Samford makes its spring debut in Atlanta, GA playing in Freaknik.  Hopefully this team will use this opportunity to fine tune their game for a return to bama sectionals.

LSU, Auburn, and Tulane return to action this weekend also in Tallahassee, FL at the Tally Classic.  LSU did very well at this tournament last year with a surprise win over Michigan St., we will see if they can pull it off again.  Auburn will also be there trying to prove that their dominance at T-Town wasn’t just from playing in section.  Tulane also looks to play through their pool and move up into the money bracket.

Weekend Roundup 3/2/10

What a weekend it was with the majority of the bama section in action this past weekend at two tournaments, In the Heat of The Huck and T-Town Throwdown.  The majority of the section was at T-town so we’ll focus more there, but we will do a quick recap of Tulane’s weekend before that.

(My apologies for how late this article is being published.  This week was the first week that the college team I’m playing with here up north has been able to have outdoor practices.  This was very exciting for us and is in stark contrast to most of my playing career.  That coupled with job interviews means I had less time than I usually do to write up the articles.  In any case, off to the review.)

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