Classic City Classic Pool Play Predictions

If Southern Miss was at Classic City Classic (CCC) this weekend, I would have let Francis write this post. Because we all know he would have picked them to finish dead last. And then I’d get to watch the Southern guys destroy Francis on Twitter if they broke seed, even if they finished second-to-last.

That would have been funny.

Alas, Southern Miss is not in that number this weekend, but the CCC field is graced with four Bama Secs teams: LSU, Alabama, Auburn and Tulane. Four pretty damn strong Bama Secs teams.

So how will these four fare at this all-important Fall tournament? My predictions!


Will break seed … Or have it broken, I should say. No Yeti this weekend is a big, big loss at a tournament of this quality. You cannot replace a player of his caliber on the field nor can you hide his absence with schemes and game plans. Not against these kind of teams. LSU’s youth will be exposed to the elements, and they will be harsh.

All of that being said, there is a considerable amount of young talent on this team. Sectionals and Regionals games are not won or lost in the Fall, but the experience these guys get this weekend without Yeti should help this team win more games than not come Spring.

Prediction: 2-3 in Pool A


Will hold seed. Auburn-Y lost to Emory at Hootenanny a few weeks back, but only by two points. If Auburn is taking a full squad to CCC, they should be able to hold off Emory this weekend.

Usually not a fan of Sectional match-ups in big tournaments like this. But … Looking forward to the Auburn-LSU matchup. If Auburn cannot beat LSU without Yeti, how will they be able to beat LSU this Spring?

Prediction: 1-4 in Pool A


I want to say that Tulane is going to break seed, because they are under-seeded to be honest. But hot damn, Pool B is a B.I.T.C.H.

North Carolina, Florida and Georgia Tech at the top. Upstart Cincinnati, a team with a really, really good Fall resume so far this season, as the 4th seed in the pool. And then Tulane.

I think they’ll hold seed. I think they’ll challenge one or more of those top four teams — probably Cincinnati — but I don’t know if they’re ready to get over that hump yet.

Prediction: 1-4 in Pool B


This will be our first real look at Alabama this Fall, because I’m not really reading into their results at Hootenanny (They sent only a “X” squad and made it to the Quarters).

We all know what this team can do, and that’s win games. You can’t explain why they win, THEY JUST WIN. They are the Tim Tebows of the Section.

So let’s kickstart the 2014 Alabama ROLL TIDE PAWWWWWL hype machine by predicting that the Bammers will be the only team of the four Bama Secs teams this weekend to BREAK SEED.

Prediction: 3-2 in Pool D

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