CCC Pools are Posted

The annual Classic City Classic (CCC) is next weekend in Athens, Georgia, and it’s always been one of the premiere fall college tournaments. Pools have been posted already.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for Itchfest results

We will have a proper preview of CCC next week, after the pools settle. They’re likely to change, just like every other ultimate frisbee tournament format in history.

Initial thoughts?

  • Tulane is especially under-seeded and primed to break seed if they are taking a full squad.
  • Francis thinks more highly of Auburn than I do, but clearly they are in a good position to break seed as well.
  • Also, actually looking forward to that in-conference matchup between Auburn and LSU. Both teams should have solid squads at CCC and this will be a nice little preview for the spring.

5 thoughts on “CCC Pools are Posted

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